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Welcome to the best online character counter on the internet!!

Simply copy and paste or type your text into the text-box above and it will count your characters in real-time!

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Features of our online character counter

  • Copy: To conveniently copy the text in the text-box, simply click the green "COPY TEXT" button.
  • Delete: To delete the contents inside the text-box, click the red "CLEAR TEXT" button. Warning: Again, this will delete everything within the text-box!
  • Character count: The pink box at the top displays the total character count. This includes all characters including spaces. Emojis count as 2 characters each as well. We made this box located at the top a little bigger and in pink to easier locate it.
  • Word count: The first gray box displays the total number of words. This will be especially helpful for students who have an essay due with a certain word count.
  • Space count: After that we have the total number of spaces. This includes the spaces created by the space key as well as carriage returns (enter key).
  • Non-space character count: The next box displays the total number of non-space characters. This includes all characters that are not a space or carriage return (enter key).
  • Letter count: This will show you the total count of letters. Symbols, numbers and spaces are not counted here. Only the letters of the alphabet are counted, both upper and lower case. This online letter counter is a popular feature for our users.
  • Symbol count: The number of symbols is shown next. An online symbol counter can be important for people who are brainstorming passwords, as many passwords require symbols in order for it to be considered a strong password. If you want to count symbols online, you've come to the right place.
  • Paragraph count: Next we have the total number of paragraphs. This can be helpful for authors or any kind of writer that needs a paragraph count.
  • Line count: The metric following the paragraphs is the total number of lines. Please note, this number changes when you resize your screen. For example, when your screen is small there will be more lines crammed in, but when your screen is bigger there will be less lines.
  • Number count: The last metric we include is numbers. This will display the total amount numbers.

Who can benefit from our online character count tool?

This tool is perfect for students who need to check the length of characters and words of their homework assignment or essays. Many teachers use word count to determine the length of their assignments. If you set the length of an assignment to pages many students can cheat the system by adding extra spacing, formatting or fonts to achieve a certain page count. But with a specified word or character count students can no longer cheat the system. A 500 word essay is a 500 word essay whether its in size 8 font or size 18 font. But, a 5 page essay could contain more or less text than another 5 page essay depending on other factors mentioned above (font size, spacing, margins etc.).

If you are writing an essay for school, sometimes it can be hard to condense your essay down into a small character or word limit. That's why using an online character checker tool can help because you are constantly reminded what your counts are.

Social media users can benefit tremendously from an online character counter. Just think about all the character limits for usernames, bios, DMs, post lengths, caption lengths, reply lengths etc. Many social media users find it easier to type out their text in our character counter and then paste it into whichever social media site they are using. As mentioned before, we even have character counters specific to certain social media sites. For example, our Instagram and Twitter character counter checks all the character counts (DM limit, username limit, post limit etc.) all at once.

Marketers and advertisers can find our site useful as well. Typically headlines and blurbs have a recommended character limit. It can benefit them to write them out on our site and than copy that over to their ads.

The line length feature is helpful for poets who need to keep their poems a certain amount of lines. Our line counter can be a very convenient tool.

Our online character counter tool is completely free to use, with no registration required. We also don't have any pesky popups asking for your email address.

We respect your privacy

Our character counter website calculates all character counts in real-time. Some websites ask you to click a submit button and submit your text over their server in order to see the character counts. Then they will save your essay or text and sell it to third parties. All our character counts are performed without you clicking any submit buttons. It's all done in real-time without us saving any of your information.

Why can't we just use the character counter in Microsoft Word?

The character count feature in Word underestimates the actual character count because it does not count the carriage return (enter key) as a character. This can be problematic considering that many organizations that have character limits count the carriage return as a character. However, the word count in Word will give you the same word count as our site.

In order to get to the character count in Microsoft Word you have to click File, then Properties, then Statistics. For some people this can be hard to remember and would be easier just to use an online character counter. Not to mention our character counter contains even more metrics than Microsoft Word, for example ours also includes a letter counter, symbol counter, space counter and number counter just to mention a few along with a convenient "copy text" button and "clear text" button to copy and clear your text.

The character count in Microsoft Word does not show up in real-time like ours does. In other words, you have to click File, then Properties, then Statistics EVERY time you want to see an updated character count in Word.

Any comments or suggestions?

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hello please feel free to contact us.

We appreciate you taking the time to use our site and hope its been a great experience. Good luck on your writing!

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