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Youtube Title Length Checker

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truncation: 0 / 70
Title length: 0 / 100
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Thanks for using our YouTube Title Length Checker!

Just start typing in the above text-box or copy-and-paste your text above to see the character count in real-time!

The five metrics you will be shown are the YouTube title limit, YouTube title truncation limit, YouTube description limit, Youtube bio limit and YouTube comment limit.

Please note that conveniently placed under the textbox are a green "copy" button and a red "clear" button. When clicked, the green "copy" button will copy all your text so that you can easily then go paste it into your YouTube channel. Alternatively, if you want to delete text from the textbox, simply click the red "clear" button to clear everything and start over.

Worried your YouTube title is too many characters?

Enter your text into the text box above to find out for sure whether your title is under the 100 character limit. If not, it will tell you exactly how many characters over the limit it is.

However, just because your title is under 100 characters does not mean it is the optimal length. Anything over 70 characters will be cut off or truncated with three dots at the end (ex. "This is my YouTube title for ..."). Our YouTube character counter checks to make sure your YouTube title is under the 70 character truncation limit. Again, the YouTube title character limit is 100 characters but only the first 70 characters show in the title. The last 30 characters are truncated. You have to hover your mouse on the title or click on it to be able to see the whole 100 characters in the title.

YouTube video description character limit

The YouTube description limit is 5000 characters. The description is an important part of the YouTube video because it is where the main points of the video are summarized. It is also a good place to put timestamps, links to social media, recommended resources, affiliate links, etc. Again, you have 5000 characters for the YouTube description.

YouTube bio character limit

The YouTube bio is a place located on the about page of a YouTube channel where you are allowed a short description of what to tell people what your channel is about. The YouTube bio length is 1000 characters long. Also located on the about page is an option to post your email address for business inquiries. Below this the country you are located in is shown. And on the bottom of the about page are any social media or website links you have.

YouTube comment character limit

If you want to write a YouTube comment, you will be limited to 10,000 characters which should be plenty to get your point across. At 10,000 characters, this is even longer than the description and bio combined and longer than any of the other YouTube characters limits. This includes replies to other comments in addition to just a comment on its own.

We hope you enjoy using out YouTube title length checker and YouTube counter tool!

Good luck on your YouTube channel! If you need to check the word count or anything else please use the main character counter on our home page.