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Welcome to our Online Letter Counter!

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What letters are counted?

Our letter counter counts all lowercase and uppercase letters in the English alphabet. So everything from a to z and A to Z.

In addition to English letters being counted, we decided to also count all the letters from alphabets of the six most popular Romance Languages. These additional languages include Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, French and Catalan.

We wanted to include these languages as well because they all are derived from Latin. And some of these languages contain words that English speakers commonly use.

For example, we want to be sure the ñ in Jalapeño is counted correctly so that the count displays 8 letters and not 7.

Similarly we want the popular Brazilian food pão de queijo to be counted correctly. Which it will since we included Portuguese.

This may sound obvious but numbers and symbols will not be counted as letters. This includes periods, apostrophes, commas, question marks etc.

Quick facts about English letters

The English alphabet contains 26 lowercase letters and 26 uppercase letters. Five of the 26 letters are vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and the remaining 21 are consonants.

The most commonly used letter in the alphabet is E and the least commonly used letter is Z.

There are only a few words that start with two letters. Aardvark, eerie, eel, ooze, llama.

There are no words that contain three letters in a row. If it did, it would need to be hyphenated. For example, say you want to eat clams for dinner. And say you want to get clams that don't have shells. Would it be grammatically correct to say shellless clams? No, because there are three letter L's in a row you have to hyphenate it. So the correct way to write it would be shell-less clams.

Can you think of a sentence that includes all 26 letters? Sentences that are able to include all 26 letters are called pangrams. Spoiler alert: "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog" is a pangram.

The most popular game involving letters is Scrabble. In this game you and your opponent take turns forming words with various letters assigned to you. Each letter has a different number of points based on the frequency that letter occurs. For example Q or Z will be 10 points each whereas more common letters like A and E will be 1 point each.

English alphabet isn't the only alphabet

There are many other alphabets. Just to name a few there is the Cyrillic alphabet used by Russians and other Eastern European countries.

There is also alphabets for Greek and Korean.

Some countries like Chinese, don't have an alphabet. Their language is made up of more than 100,000 characters! Click here to learn more.

How are letters represented by computers

Each letter in the alphabet is represented on the ASCII table. The ASCII system assigns a number to each letter.

For example, "A" is represented by 65 and "a" is represented by 97.

So in computer programming, consider the following statement:

println("A" > "a");

It would actually print out as false, because "A" is not greater than "a" because "A" is represented as 65 and "a" is represented as 97. In other words it prints out as false because it is essentially saying 65 > 97.

Does Microsoft Word have a letter count feature?

Microsoft Word, despite being the most popular document editing software in the word, does not have a way to count letters.

It has a count for pages, words, characters (no spaces), characters (with spaces), paragraphs and lines. But not for letters.

Well at least you can go the most popular internet based document editing app, Google Docs to find a letter count, right? Wrong! Google Docs also does not have a letter counting feature.

Luckily, websites like ours exist to assist people with their letter counting needs. Plus, it's often hard to remember all the settings you have to click just to count the characters in these programs and for many people is easier to simply go to CharacterCounter.com.

Thanks for using our Letter Counter!

Thanks for using our tool! If you need a counter with additional features like space count, line count etc. please feel free to use the main character on our home page.

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