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Twitter Character Counter
Check your tweet length, DM length, hashtag count and read our Twitter character limit guide.
Instagram Character Counter
Check your Instagram caption length, bio length, DM length and read our Instagram character limit guide
Chinese Character Counter
Count the number of Chinese characters in a text, and read about the interesting history of Chinese characters.
Youtube Title length checker
Check the length of the title for your Youtube video, including at what part it truncates at.
Pinterest Character Counter
Count the length of your Pins, board descriptions,, Pin titles and more!
UCAS Personal Statement Checker
Verify that your character and line count meets UCAS requirements, and read our UCAS detailed guide.
Characters to Words Converter
Approximate the word count based on your number of characters read our article on why that matters.
SMS Character Counter
Count the length of your text message based on Unicode and GSM standards and read our tips on sending a text.
LinkedIn Character Counter
Check your LinkedIn post length and find our where it truncates. Our Linked post guide will give you tips as well.
CASPA Character Counter
Applying to PA school? Learn more about the character limit required for a CASPA personal statement.