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Instagram Line Breaker and Character Counter

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Welcome to our Instagram Line Breaker and Instagram Character Counter Tool!

To get started, simply paste or type your text into the text-box above and watch as the character counts update in real-time!

The line breaks will be generated automatically as you type. Just hit the "COPY" button when you are done typing and when you paste your text into Instagram you will now be able to see all your line breaks exactly where you intended them to be!

Keep in mind that our Instagram line breaker will add a special invisible character to each empty line as a work-around to be able to show up as a line break in Instagram. These extra invisible characters will be reflected in the character count.

For your convenience, you can click the green "copy text" button to copy the text over to Instagram when you're done. Or you can click the red "clear text" button to delete everything and start over.

We hope you enjoy our Instagram caption limit checker.

Different metrics explained

In the top left it will show the total characters typed out of the total Instagram caption character limit of 2200 characters. To the right of that it will countdown the total characters remaining. These metrics are on the top and in a bigger font because they are the most commonly used metrics.

Caption truncation: In an Instagram post, if the caption is longer than 125 characters, everything after 125 characters will be hidden and you will need to click "more" in order to read the rest of the caption. It's a good idea to get your most important point across and hook the reader in those first 125 characters.

Hashtag limit: Instagram has a hashtag limit of 30 hashtags per caption. Anything more than this will not be allowed. We hope you enjoy this Instagram hashtag counter feature!

DM limit: The Instagram DM character limit is 1000 characters. To access your DMs in Instagram click the paper plane icon in the top right corner. An Instagram DM character counter will help you keep your DMs under the limit.

Instagram bio character limit: The Instagram bio character count is 150 characters. Our Instagram bio counter will give help you correct IG bio character count you are looking for.

Instagram username character limit: The Instagram max username length is 30 characters.

Instagram profile name character limit: The Instagram name character limit is also 30 characters.

Instagram post formating FAQ

What does caption truncation mean?

Instagram won't display an entire 2200 character post, just the first 125 characters to save space. This is called caption truncation. After the truncation, you have to click "more" in order to read the rest of the post.

Does the Instagram post character limit include spaces?

Yes, it includes spaces and enter keys (also known as carriage return).

What is the Instagram caption word limit?

If you are looking for an Instagram caption word limit checker please be aware that the Instagram caption limit is based on characters and not words. The character limit is 2200 characters which, to give you a rough estimate is about 338 to 440 words. If you need a precise word count please use the character counter on our home page.

Does Instagram's character limit include URLs?

Yes, Instagram does include URLs in the character count.

Does Instagram's character limit include hashtags?

Yes, Instagram does include hashtags in the character count.

Instagram character limits

Thanks for using our Instagram Character Counter and Line Breaker tool!

Good luck on writing your Instagram posts! If you need more metrics such as word count, space count, line count etc. please use the character counter on our home page. If you have any comments, questions or just want to say hello please don't hesitate to contact us.