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Pinterest Character Counter

0 / 500
Pin Title: 0 / 100
Bio: 0 / 160
Username: 0 / 30
Profile name: 0 / 30
Description: 0 / 500
Hashtags: 0 / 20

Welcome to our Pinterest character counter!

You will love how convenient we make it for you to check your Pinterest pin character limits. Simply start typing or copy and paste some text into the text-box above. Our counter will display the number of characters typed, along with the remaining characters and character limits for different metrics.

There is a green "Copy Text" button below the text-box that will copy your text. From there you can then paste your text into Pinterest. Alternatively, to the right of the green "Copy Text" button is a red "Clear Text" button. Warning: clicking this button will delete all the contents in the text-box.

Different metrics explained

Pinterest pin character limit: The first metric at the top is the number of characters typed out of 500 possible characters. Remember, the Pinterest pin character limit is 500 characters. Be sure to keep in mind that only the first 50 characters will show up when people click on your pin. Any characters after 50 will be truncated and you will have to click to "see more".

Remaining characters: On the top right is the number of characters remaining for the Pinterest pin. For example, if you typed 100 characters, it would show 400 characters remaining.

Pinterest pin title character limit: The next metric is the pin title. The pin title character limit is 100 characters.

Pinterest hashtag character limit: After the pin title is the Pinterest hashtag character limit. Here we are limited to 20 hashtags.

Pinterest bio character limit: Following the Pinterest hashtag limit is the Pinterest bio limit. The bio has a character limit of 160 characters.

Pinterest username character limit: The Pinterest username character limit is 30 characters.

Pinterest profile name character limit: The Pinterest profile name character limit is also 30 characters, same as the username.

Pinterest board description character limit: The last metric we measure is the board description. The Pinterest board description character limit is 500 characters. Both Pinterest board descriptions and Pinterest pins have the same character limit.

Pinterest character limit FAQ

What is the Pinterest pin word limit?

Pinterest does not have a word limit, it instead has a character limit of 500 characters. 500 characters is equal to about 77 to 100 words as calculated using our very own Characters To Words Conversion Tool. Also, if you need a character counter that count words in real-time you can use the character counter on our home page.

What is the maximum number of Pinterest pins allowed?

The max number of Pinterest pins allowed is 200,000 pins. This should be more than plenty for most people!

Thanks for using our Pinterest character counter!

We hope our Pinterest character checker will help you easily check the character count of your Pinterest pins, as well as hashtags, bio and more. Our counter tool makes it easy to see how many characters you've typed, along with the maximum characters allowed and the number of characters remaining. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just want to say hi be sure to contact us here. Have fun!

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