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LinkedIn Post Character Limit Checker

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Type in text-box above to check LinkedIn post character limit

Simply type or copy and paste some text above to get a count of characters in real-time as you type.

As you may know, the LinkedIn post character limit is 3,000 characters. It has been 3,000 characters since June 2021, when it increased it's limit from 1,300 characters. This increase allows for more room to get your point across.

The total numbers you have typed will be displayed in the upper left underneath the "Characters typed" box. It displays the current total along with the 3,000 character limit right next to it. Once you go over the limit it will turn red.

In the upper right you have the "Characters remaining". As you can probably guess, it displays a running total of the number of characters remaining. For example, as your LinkedIn post character count gets closer to 3,000 your remaining characters will get closer to zero. If you go over the 3,000 character limit, the remaining characters will turn red and go negative.

As you can tell, this is a lot more detailed information on the character counts than LinkedIn gives.

Other LinkedIn character limit metrics and tools

On the top left (or bottom for mobile) you have the LinkedIn post truncation character limit. This is the amount of characters you can type in a LinkedIn post before the "..." appears and you have to click to see more. The LinkedIn post truncates at around 210 characters, so be sure to get your most important points in before that.

Then below the LinkedIn post truncation character count we show the company post character count. The LinkedIn company post character limit is 700 characters.

Below that is the LinkedIn about section. The LinkedIn about section character limit is 2,600 characters. This is where you can tell people about yourself and give a brief description of you.

The final metric we measure is the LinkedIn message. The LinkedIn message character limit is 300 characters. This is where you can communicate with other LinkedIn users.

To make it more convenient for you we included a red "clear text" button and a green "copy text" button. The red "clear text" button will delete all text in the text-box. The green "copy text" button will conveniently copy all the text in the text-box so it can make it easier for you to paste it onto your LinkedIn page.

Thanks for using our tool!

LinkedIn is a fantastic website to network with other working professionals, apply to jobs, post jobs, post your resume and more. In addition to text posts on LinkedIn, there are also image posts and video posts. Publishing posts on LinkedIn can be a great way to show your expertise, help others by providing useful information and meeting like-minded people.

We hope our character count tool will help you check your character counts and be a more efficient writer.

Good luck on writing your LinkedIn post or profile information! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us.