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What is the longest color name?

21 Dec 2022 4 Min read
color longest name

Colors are one of the few things that fascinate us in our early childhood. We learn about the colors of the rainbow in school, and then draw the rainbow over the mountains with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Back in the 1903, a standard box of Crayons came with 8 different colors inside. That was a long time ago.

Since then, we have come across many different colors, thanks to the internet. Some of them stand out because of their peculiar names, e.g. rubber ducks are aureolin and not yellow in color, people are renovating their home interior in shades of amaranth and the list goes on.

We compiled a list of some of the colors that have the longest name and some with the shortest names in the color family.

University of Pennsylvania red (30 characters long) - #A50021

As the name suggests, this particular red is used in the logo of the University of Pennsylvania, and it is also used in varsity jackets. As evident from the name as well, this red is just a different hue from the conventional red.

International Klein Blue (24 characters) - #130a8f

First developed by French artist Yves Klien, International Klein Blue is a deep blue hue. Yves Klien created several paintings in which he used Internation Klein Blue as the central theme. He also executed six sculptures in Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, Germany in Internation Klein Blue.

Actor Eddie Redmayne, although colorblind, completed his thesis on International Klein Blue while studying the history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge in 2003.

Permanent Geranium Lake (23 characters) - #E12C2C

You have probably seen this color in advertisements as it is mostly used in marketing and promotions. Permanent Geranium Lake is a rich light red color, derived from the pigment Quinacridone which was introduced in the 1950s. This color is now associated with food, restaurants, feelings of love and affection, and anger.

Purple mountain majesty (23 characters) - #9678B6

You might see some violet shades in this color as it belongs to the violet color family. Purple Mountain Majesty is made by mixing blue and magenta pigments.

Sacramento State green (22 characters) - #043927

This color is owned and used as a primary color by California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). This color is more saturated than normal pine green and also has a darker and richer tone than teal.

Light goldenrod yellow (22 characters) - #FAFAD2

Light Goldenrod yellow was first available commercially in 1958 when Crayola created a crayon with this name and color.

The color resembles the Goldenrod plant which has medicinal and industrial uses. This is one of the reasons that this color is used by pharmaceuticals in packaging their medicines.

Faux-Medium aquamarine (22 characters) - #55e19e

You might have come across this color before. It is a go-to color for brand logos. This color is especially popular among spas, salons and studios. This color closely resembles light green and is used to convey the feeling of tranquility and a relaxed environment.

Medium candy apple red (22 characters) - #E2062C

Like Permanent Germanium Lake, Candy apple red is also used in marketing and print media. The name originated when manufacturing companies wanted to create a shade of red similar to that of red sugar coating on candied apples.

Candy Apple Red was used by Virgin Atlantic on the tails and engine nacelles of their fleet in July 2010. This color is also favored by Automobile Industry as cars manufactured with this color usually sell off quickly.

Light cornflower blue (21 characters) - #93CCEA

As the name suggests, Light Cornflower Blue is a pigment that matches Cornflower. It is a lighter shade containing medium blue and relatively little green. Light Cornflower Blue was a favorite of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

What colors have the shortest names?

There are many more candidates on the list of long-color names. On the other side of the list, colors with the shortest names are few when compared with colors with the longest names. Let’s see some of the colors that have the shortest names.

Jet - #343434

A very dark shade of gray, this color is usually associated with a minimalist and clean-looking interior. This color is popular among brands like LinkedIn, Node.js, Abercrombie & Fitch and Virgin Money.

Red - #d20000

One of the primary colors in the RGB model, red has been in use since the Mayans and Ancient Egyptians. The color red was also used by Roman Armies and was used as a sign of victory and courage.

To this day, the color red is used to depict anger, love, activity and passion. Although its name is just three letters long, it can be seen from afar as compared to other visible colors to humans.

Due to its longer wavelength number, it can be seen in poor weather conditions and is used in the transportation sector.

It is also used by fishing crews in saury fishing, who lure the fish to shallow waters to capture them.

Tan - #d2b48c

This color is derived from brown pigment and its name originated from tannum which means oak bark used in the tanning of leather.

Gin #d8e4bc

This is a variation of gray color and is sometimes referred to as very light gray. Gin is usually used in advertisements to represent sleek and elegant designs. Consider using a different color if you're in the market for health care.

Ao - #008000

This is a darker shade of green color. The name of this color originated from the Japanese language. The Ao word is used to refer to either green or blue color depending on the situation.

The word Ao is still used to describe certain vegetables, apples, and foliage in Japan. Ao is also used to refer to the green signal used in traffic lights in Japan. This particular shade of green is used by Heineken in its branding.