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Instagram Line Breaker tool

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Welcome to our Instagram Line Breaker tool!

To get started, simply paste or type your text into the text-box above.

The line breaks will be generated automatically as you type. Just hit the "COPY" button when you are done typing and when you paste your text into Instagram you will now be able to see all your line breaks exactly where you intended them to be!

Keep in mind that our Instagram line breaker will add a special top-secret invisible character to each empty line as a work-around to be able to show up as a line break in Instagram. These extra invisible characters will be reflected in the character count. For example instead of every blank line counting as one character it will now count as two characters (one for hitting the "enter" key and one for the invisible character).

In case you are curious about these invisible characters, I'll put one inside these brackets: [ㅤ]. As you can see, it looks just like a space, except it's not a space. And Instagram's algorithm does not detect it as a space character. This is what allows us to create a blank line without Instagram removing it. Because to Instagram's algorithm, it's not a blank line.

We know it can be frustrating when you spend the time to write a perfect Instagram caption, publish it, and then be disappointed that Instagram took away all your spacing.

Many people learn to add in a few asterisks (***) as a work-around to get Instagram to keep the spacing. Or maybe they add a few of their favorite emojis to the blank lines. This can be an effective solution. After all, a few smiley face emojis or asterisks never hurt anyone. However, many people find that using an Instagram Line Breaker, like this one to be more effective.

In addition to the blank lines that our tool generates for you, you can enjoy a running character count of your text. The Instagram caption count is 2200 characters and we want to make sure you are aware of it. This count can be found at the top of the page above the text-box.

Why would Instagram's algorithm automatically delete the extra spacing from our captions? That's a good question, and our best guess is they want to avoid too much blank space in their feed. After all, Instagram is a very visual app and one look at an Instagram feed will have you being bombarded with lots of visual content like pictures and video stories. Even Instagram's choice of colors for their app is filled with all kinds of purple and blue and yellow. It's clear that Instagram doesn't want white blank space.

That being said, the people have spoken and many people in the Instagram community want the ability to add blank lines as they can separate their content nicely and put more emphasis on other parts of their captions. Since Instagram took that ability away from the Instagram community, we built our own tool to give back that ability to the Instagram community. And we hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for using our Instagram Line Breaker tool!

Good luck on writing your Instagram captions! If you need more metrics such as word count, space count, line count etc. please use the character counter on our home page. If you have any comments, questions or just want to say hello please don't hesitate to contact us.