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AMCAS Personal statement checker

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Check your AMCAS personal statement with our character counter tool!

Personal statement guidelines and formatting

  • • AMCAS personal statements must not exceed 5300 characters.
  • • Characters can include spaces, carriage returns, symbols, numbers and punctuation.
  • • Tabs, italics, multiple spaces and other styling are not allowed in the personal statement.
  • • To delineate paragraphs, type a double return.

Note: If you check your character count in Microsoft Word it might be lower than the character count in AMCAS because Word does not count a carriage return (the enter key) as a character. Our counter does count carriage returns to better comply with AMCAS.

How to use our AMCAS character counter

To use our AMCAS character counter, start by typing into the text box above. Additionally, if you are using another source to type out your personal statement, you can copy and paste into our text box above.

As the text gets entered into the text box, you will notice the character count getting updated directly above the text box.

The character count on the top left represents the total characters typed so far out of 5300.

The character count on the top right represents the number of characters remaining.

If you go past the 5300 character limit, the two character counts will turn red. This is an indicator that you need to reduce the length of your personal statement.

When you are done typing in the text box, you can click the green Copy Text button to copy the text inside the text box. You can then paste this into the AMCAS website.

Alternatively, if you need to start fresh and delete everything inside the text box, click the red Clear Text button. Warning: only click this button if you are sure you want to delete everything.

Personal Statement FAQ

What is the AMCAS personal statement word limit?

AMCAS does not follow a word limit, it uses a character limit of 5300 characters. However, 5300 characters roughly translates to about 815 to 1060 words. If you want to check the word count you can do so using the character counter on our home page.

How long should your AMCAS personal statement be?

AMCAS has a character limit of 5300 characters. Paste your statement into our counter tool above to check your length.

How many words is 5300 characters?

Accoring to our Characters to Words Converter, 5300 characters is equal to an estimated 815 to 1060 words. Keep in mind that this estimate also includes spaces, periods etc.

Is the AMCAS personal statement character limit with or without spaces?

It includes spaces. Also, spaces can include carriage returns (the enter key). However, tabs are not allowed. Keep in mind, Microsoft Word does not count carriage returns as a character and will give you a different character count than AMCAS. Please use ours, as it will better comply with AMCAS's formatting guidelines.

*This character counting tool is not affiliated with AMCAS

*No personal statements are sent to the hosting server

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